Professors, students and consultants from Hong Kong University and City University, along with peer review guidance from regional experts have worked together to develop the Seafood Risk Assessment methodology.  The flexible nature of the assessment team and 2-3 day assessment periods enable companies to rapidly generate assessments when needed.

Members of the seafood industry can use these risk assessments to guide sourcing decisions and begin the journey of initiating and supporting improvements with suppliers, source fisheries and farms.

Seed funding has been provided by the ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF), the Swire Charitable Trust and the Estee Lauder Foundation. RS Standards  has experience in developing fish risk assessment methods for the UK industry and has managed the risk assessment process with the support of technical advisors.


To ensure market relevance we have worked closely with members of the Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition (HKSSC) and others in the seafood industry, who provide market and trade insights and put forward species for assessment. Members include:

Benjamin So,
178 Degrees

Founder of 178 Degrees, a retailer for high quality, sustainably sourced, New Zealand produce.

Cesar de Sainte Maresville,
M&C Asia

Director of M&C Asia, a premium seafood supplier founded in 2009.

Makiko Karasawa,
Indoguna Lordly

Regional Business Development Manager - Ocean Gems, Asia Pacific & Middle East at Indoguna (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Stephen Chan,
Aquaculture Technologies Asia (ATA)

Veterinary consultant for the City University Aquatic Veterinary Ambulatory Services


A technical team comprising the HKSSC technical advisor and project manager (RS Standards) provides project oversight and engages with the respective committees, the assessment team and peer review experts. The team ensures quality assurance of species profiles prior to uploading onto the website.


A peer review advisory committee comprising local professors and industry experts provided strategic direction on methodology. The committee has peer reviewed the scope of species, relevant profiles and outputs.


RS Standards developed the Seafood Risk Assessment methodology with the guidance of the peer review advisory committee. Academic experts with expertise in wild catch and farmed products conduct each risk assessment in 2-3 days. These assessments are then shared with regional species-specific government, academic and trade experts for review. The methodology has been designed to be cost effective, quick and time efficient.

Alex Caveen,
RS Standards

Senior Seafood Consultant, Fisheries Work Programme, Visiting researcher at Hull University

Arthur Chung,

PhD candidate, molecular ecologist, IUCN regional accessor

Heather Sadusky,

Maine Aquaculture Hub Coordinator, Maine Sea Grant, University of Maine

Loby Hau,

PhD candidate, fresh and dried seafood trade expert

Prof. Yvonne Sadovy,

Honorary Professor at School of Biological Sciences, Independent consultant IUCN expert